Element Oil Filter SF7190

Filter Type Filter Shape
Filter Type Oil filter Filter Shape Element
Length (A) Width (B) Height (H)
Length :  Width Height 116mm
Inner diameter of the washer Outer diameter of the washer Inner diameter Outer diameter Groove
Filter Type NO Filter Type NO Filter Type 32mm Filter Type 63.5mm Filter Type NO
Mercedes Benz
S280 (W220)
CLK240 (C209)
C240 (W203)
E240 (W211)
ML320 (W163)
E320 (W211)
Vito II 119 (639)
ML350 (W163)
S350 (W220)
SL500 (R230)
SL500 (R230)
CLS500 (C216)
CLS350 (C219)
CLS350 (C219)
C350 (W203)
C55 (W203)
CLS500 (C219)
S350 (W221)
SL350 (R230)
SL350 (R230)
CL500 (C216)
S500 (W221)
GL450 (X164)
E500 (W211)
E350 CGI (W211)
E350 (A207)
C350 Blue Efficiency (W204)
E350 (W212)
SLK350 (R171)
SLK350 (R171)
E350 (W211)
GLK350 (X204)
C350 (W204)
CLC350 (C203)
E300 (W212)
GLK280 (X204)
C300 (W204)
C280 (W204)
E280 (W211)
SLK280 (R171)
SLK300 (R171)
E250 (W212)
E230 (W211)
C250 (W204)
C230 (W204)
C230 (W203)
CLC230 (C203)
(906) Sprinter 314 II
CLK350 (C209)
C280 (W203)
CLK280 (C209)
S500 (W220)