Serkan Filter; a renowned Industrial and Manufacturing company, was founded in the year 1974 in the city of Serkan. The said city is from the Hamedan province, located on the southern slopes of Alvand. The decision to name the company after the city of Serkan derived from the fact that the founders of the company were all from the same city.

The production of the company began by producing air Filters for the passenger cars of the time and this was the foundation towards various new products.

The unexpected market satisfaction and the quality of the Filters, made the founders of the company increase the amount and the diversity of the products. This meant, a new location was in need.


The site of the company was then transferred to a new, bigger location. It should be noted that Serkan Filter; as a company, has expanded every year and will continue to do so The establishment of several branches in the past ten years in the province of Tehran, were all due to the Market demand for more Filters and also an increase in the production of the company, practically making Serkan Filter a holding company which includes different large industries.