What is cabin filter?

Cabin air filter is installed on the air entry path to the car cabin. Its main function is cleaning the air entering the car through heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems. This filter absorbs a lot of dusts causes allergy to passengers.

Cabin filters are known as heater filters and room filters. They are important filters used in modern cars.

In old cars, the air entered the car cabin through special channels; the incoming air was impregnated with dust and harmful particles, as it was without any filtering agent.

The air entering the car cabin carries a variety of pollutants, contaminants, dust particles, and a variety of microscopic materials that can not be seen the eyes. Self-filter materials have electric charge, which helps to absorb and retain air pollution. As the air circulates in these filters, allergenic particles and dust are stuck in its artificial fibers and the electrical charge helps keeping these particles.

The task of this filter is refining dust and contaminated particles entering the car cabin. The construction and operation of this filter differ significantly with other filters used in the car, such as air filter and oil filter. Because this filter is responsible for purification of the respiratory air. Therefore, maximum precision should be used in the process of their production and materials used in them (particularly, media filter).

Characteristics of the media used in Serkan cabin filter:

Generally, the cabin filter media should have the ability to absorb tiny particles.

Dust, soot, smoke, particles of gas emissions from cars, and bacteria are very harmful for the respiratory system of passengers.

Normal fibers doesn’t have an absorption capacity more than 30 percent. Therefore, there is maximum damage to the respiratory system. Additionally, resins used in normal fibers are harmful to breathing.


Cabin filter replacement time

Regular and timely replacing filters is important. There are more environmental pollution in urban areas in high-traffic cities like Tehran. So cars that travel in these cities are more exposed to these pollutions. Accordingly, their cabin filter get dirty sooner than other filters, and they should be replaced in time. This issue not only improves circulation of the conditioning system, but also enhances the quality of car air circulation. Blocked cabin air and inability to absorb dust, bacteria, and fungi, allow the harmful particles to enter the air of the car’s cabin, in addition to creating an unpleasant space for passengers. 

If you noted a decrease in the flow rate entering from the air conditioner system of your car, it’s time to change the filter. Low efficiency of the air conditioner system and cooling power dissipation are the result of a dirty filter. Timely replacement of cabin filter can guarantee healthy breathing of passengers.