What is air filter and what is its application?

Automobile’s air filter is a functional unit in the path of air entering the fuel system (injector or carburetor), which is installed inside a special filter compartment. It acts as a leach and prevents the entrance of particles and pollutants in the air into the engine.


Why should we use air filter?

Particles and pollutants in the air enter the vehicle engine in the absence of filtration and result in erosion of important and functional components of the engine, such as valves, bearings, piston rings, and cylinder interior body.


High quality or poor quality filter? The choice is yours

Poor quality filters are cheap, unmarked, and without any standard. Usually they are not a good and successful choice. Poor quality filters are produced from inappropriate raw materials, which cause serious damages and heavy costs for repairing the engine. Poor quality air filters cause excessive fuel consumption, reduced engine power, and oil-burning.

Poor quality air filters gradually wrinkle and lose their shape against the gases and humidity in the air.


How does a car air filter work?

In the paper used in the filtration medium (filtration level) some fibers are used, on which there are some pores that the particles pass through them. Over time, these particles accumulate over the flow meters and disrupt the sensor function. This issue results in inappropriate combination of fuel and air that leads to increased fuel consumption and extreme air and environment pollution and reduced engine power.


How much is the shelf life of the air filter?

Timely replacing the air filter will increase the shelf life of the engine. Usually, the right time to replace the air filter is announced by the manufacturer.

The weather conditions in which the car operates, significantly affect the time of replacing the air filter. Usually, in the climates of dust and dirt, the filter life is shorter. Because in these conditions, the probability of blockage and clogging of the drainage channel is higher. The standard to replace the air filter is between 3 to 5 thousand kilometers, depending on the working environment of the car.


How to install the air filter?

Access to the air filter to replace it is easy in many vehicles. It doesn’t need any special tool. Find the right air filter for your car, remove the filter compartment door, take the old filter, and replace it with a new filter.

Insert the new filter correctly, and after closing the door of the compartment, make sure the engine and suction are working properly.

It should be noted that there is no cleaning and reuse of air filters in light vehicles, because they lose efficiency due to their use.

Inappropriate combination of fuel and air results in increased fuel consumption and extreme air and environmental pollution and reduced engine power.

Flow meter is a device that shows the ratio of the volume of materials passing to the time: [1]